AndroDumpper for iOS iPhone, iPad

You can also download the apk file of AndroDumpper on your ios devices. The latest version of the app, AndroDumpper 1.86 and above doesn’t need the BusyBox app to access AndroDumpper in the ios devices.

The apk file supports ios 10 and other latest versions of it and also supports iPhone 4s, 5s, 7s, 8 and X. AndroDumpper Provides the same facility on iOS devices to android and windows


AndroDumpper for iOS

The official Website for AndroDumpper doesn’t have the link for the app to download on iOS devices.  So you can just search it on the Apple App Store and download it.

If the Apple App Store doesn’t show the app or you find it difficult to download the app. You will need to go with another process.

You will need a third-party app installer like TweakBox to download the AndroDumpper App. 

To install tweak box follow these instructions

  • Go to the tweakboxapp
  • Click on Install Now from next window
  • After installation go to the profile downloaded and complete the downloading profile

Download AndroDumpper

  • Open the tweak box app
  • Go to the app section and search for the app
  • Find the app and click to install it
  • After the complete installation process, you will find the AndroDumpper app ready to use.

We know Androdumpper uses both of the hacking methods to get the password of available internet network; Root Method and No-Root method.

There are many crack programs by which you can hack any wifi but, in a root method. In the root process, you would have to root your device which could harm the security aspects of your device.

In No-Root method programs or apps use pre-define rooted tools to hack. AndroDumpper is allowing users to use both the method to hack.

Root method works on all the android versions but no root method requires Android 5 and above version of it.